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My granny warned me about the evil eye. Rise too high, get too proud and even the sweetest neighbor can cast the gaze on you when your back is turned, and your luck will fail -- unless you are protected.

As a child in London, much to my embarrassment, warding off the evil eye meant my mother hung a black thread around my neck to be worn every single day. As a designer and mother, I know I can do better while heeding the words of my granny and countless others.

The Nazar Collection blends the traditions of my family with an updated aesthetic, warding off evil with modern design.

I want every piece of jewelry I design to be not only beautiful but have power and an intention. Our small batch production methods lead to a tightly curated collection featuring thoughtfully selected stones, with a purpose in every detail. When you wear a necklace, bracelet, ring or other piece from the Nazar Collection, you're connecting to thousands of years of history. Your protective gold or silver artwork would be the envy of Mesopotamian princesses - and also a twelve year old Asha Patel, whose mother just sent her to school without a thought for London fashion.

Labradorite | A protective powerhouse trusted by healers for its ability to focus one’s inner intention and light.

Moonstone | For harnessing feminine power, love, and loyalty.

SPECIFICS: Vermeil pendant on gold filled chain.

Large pendant, chain length 18.5” .

Medium pendant, chain length 17.5”.

Small pendant, chain length 16.5”.

Gemstones are unique in their own right, variations are to be expected and celebrated.

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