Focused energy stirs up something powerful inside, waiting for its release into the world. Go with intent.
— Asha Patel

Abalone helps hone in on imagination and intuition.

What you say matters. Find your voice with Agate.

Patience, peace and calm are all meditative properties found in Amethyst.

Black Spinel serves to protect. Hold on, dear. This, too, shall pass.

Get centered with Carnelian and let creative and emotional energies take hold.

For a dose of clarity, cling to the calming properties of Chalcedony.

Bring luck and abundance with Citrine.

Be fearless, invincible and start anew with the purifying Diamond.

Need a pick-me-up? Garnet will balance energies and inspire.

Wear Hematite for a boost of strength and courage.

Find your truest self with Iolite.

Kyanite cuts through stress, fears and blockage.

Trust intuition and banish fear with protective Labradorite.

Lapis Lazuli is a symbol of wisdom and truth.

Dream big. Malachite has transformative properties.

For loyalty and friendship pile on Moonstone.

Mother of Pearl nurtures in infinite love.

Soothe fears, banish worry and get grounded with Onyx.

The Pearl brings simplicity and motherly love.

Release the weight of guilt and burden with Peridot.

Pyrite is a great defender against negative energy and environmental pollutants.

Unblock and move forward through Quartz’s master healing properties.

To focus on the heart center and love unconditionally reach for Rose Quartz.

Let go of the past and be present with Rutilated Quartz.

Smokey Quartz transforms negative energy into positive.

Nurture and heighten intuition with Sunstone.

Gain confidence with Tigers Eye.

For empathy and self-confidence, turn to Tourmaline.

The sacred stone of Turquoise contains great healing powers.