About Asha Patel Designs

Born in London to Indian parents, Asha Patel's early exposure to traditional Indian jewelry ignited her passion for exquisite adornments that seamlessly blend elegance and grandeur. With a less-is-more philosophy at the core, her designs reflect a refined aesthetic that resonates with the modern sensibilities of today.

Asha Patel Designs is where the mantra "Just breathe" sets the tone for a transformative jewelry experience. Inspired by the harmonious interplay of East and West, the dichotomy of Yin and Yang, and the delicate balance of motherhood and work life, Asha Patel, a pharmacist turned jewelry designer, creates captivating pieces that capture the essence of wholeness.

Each piece from Asha Patel Designs is visually striking and carries profound symbolism. The artistry lies in the meticulous fusion of contrasting materials, such as edgy leather wrap bracelets adorned with mesmerizing gems like labradorites and moonstones. Intricately crafted with modernly cut numbers reflecting mystical numerology, Sterling silver necklaces provide a touch of mystique, and Malas are designed to bring their wearers back to their intentions.

When you don Asha Patel Designs, you embody confidence and chic sophistication. The intentional craftsmanship invites you to embrace the journey rather than focus solely on the destination, reminding you that life's true beauty lies in the moments of transformation.

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