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CHRONICON X Asha Patel Designs 

Lumina Necklace: Embrace Your Unique Journey 

Introducing the Lumina Necklace, our first exquisite jewelry collaboration with Chronicon. 

About Chronicon 

Chronicon is a vibrant community founded on the belief that we are all more than the chronic conditions we may face. This community supports anyone who struggles with physical, emotional, or mental health challenges, fostering a sense of connection and belonging. Chronicon’s founder, Nitika Chopra, is also a beloved friend and inspiration behind the Unify Necklace in our Collective Rising Collection. Learn more about Chronicon here. 

Embrace All That You Are 

Our mantra, "Celebrate all that you are," is beautifully embodied in the Lumina  Necklace. We have chosen crystal quartz, known as the "maha healer," as the centerpiece for this necklace. Crystal quartz has a very strong vibration, it harmonizes, amplifies and balances energy. It is exceptionally beneficial for manifesting, meditation, and channeling. Each crystal quartz gemstone is unique and perfectly imperfect, reminding us to embrace our individuality in every way. 

Giving Back 

A portion of the proceeds from each Lumina Necklace will be donated to Chronicon, supporting their mission to create a supportive space for those navigating chronic conditions. 

Product Details 

Gemstone: Crystal Quartz (Maha Healer) 

Pendant: Crystal Quartz

Necklace Length: 18 inches 

Chain Material: Gold-filled 

Why You'll Love It 

Healing Properties: Crystal quartz is renowned for its healing energy, promoting clarity and emotional well-being. 

Unique Design: Each gemstone is unique, celebrating the beauty of imperfection. 

Support a Cause: Your purchase contributes to Chronicon, helping those with chronic conditions feel less alone. 

Discover the Lumina Necklace and join us in celebrating your unique journey. Embrace the healing energy of crystal quartz and support a meaningful cause with Asha Patel Designs and Chronicon.

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