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What’s your love language with the universe? How will you evoke change through your highest good?

Through acts of kindness, we align with our highest selves and answer a unique call to be instruments of healing and community. We’re all alchemists — embodying the power to shift, mend, and renew by embracing who we truly are and living in our purpose.

“Stay brave in your pursuit of joy!” — Alicia Easter

Inspired by reiki master and yogi Alicia C. Easter, IGNITE’S combination of citrine, carnelian, and garnet works as a powerful conduit for positivity and joy. Channel bold beauty and abundance with every wear.

Alicia’s highest vision for this collection?

“To be brave mirrors for women who feel as though they have no voice. To remind them they do and what/how they present themselves to the world matters. They matter. I pray this project further inspires the already brave and courageous to remain that way and not to ever give up.”

SPECIFICS: 14K vermeil pendant, featured gemstone cluster citrine, carnelian, and garnet. Gold filled chain and findings, 16" in length.

Gemstones are unique in their own right, variations are to be expected and celebrated. This beautiful piece is a part of a limited drop collection.

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