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Once we embrace our highest selves, and let all else fall away, what beautiful possibilities remain? What gifts, renewed? What grace restored and left to reverberate, forever more?

The Collective Spirit Collection is born of these essential questions.

Discover pieces with infinite stories to tell. Forged in fire, and grounded in renewal. Burnished, hand-finished, and more sublime with each wear. Elevate your spirit. Ignite your spark.

“Love, trust, light, and “hanami” — the transient acceptance that beauty is fleeting.”
— Candice Kumai

Created in collaboration with writer, author, and chef Candice Kumai, and inspired by the Japanese cherry blooms that shaped her outlook, Blossom signifies the priceless, precious nature of a life beautifully lived — imperfections, impermanence, and all.

Candice’s highest vision for its wearer?
“To feel equal, empowered, special, and so loved.”

SPECIFICS: 14K gold plated brass disk. Gold filled chain and findings, 18" in length. This beautiful piece is a part of a limited drop collection.

Custom pieces are available in 14K. Pricing is based on the gold market, please email for further inquiry.

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