We look to the stars to guide us to the ends of the Earth and our own heart’s center. Take heart with seven inspired designs to adorn your journey at every turn. Give to a friend. Gift to yourself. Treasure always.

We look to the stars to guide us to the ends of the Earth and our own heart’s center. Take heart with seven celestial-inspired designs to adorn your journey at every turn.

We've got your number. With roots straddling the divine arts and mathematical theory, numerology has been a guidepost of yogis, leaders, and thinkers of all walks for centuries. Yet tapping into Numerology’s power -- and finding your "Life Path Number",  a single digit that holds clues to your present life, your innermost instincts, and your best self and destiny -- is beautifully simple.

To find your number:

1. Separate all of the single digits of your birth date's year, month, and day. (XX - XX - XXXX)

2. Add them all together. (This will produce a two-digit sum.)

3. Separate those digits and add them together, too.

4. Repeat steps two and three until you produce a single-digit number -- your number.


1 - The Initiator Necklace

Pioneering, bold, and aligning, 1 is the symbol of forward motion and self-direction. Overlain with an inner compass, and its wearer is unstoppable.

2 - The Empath Necklace

Balance and harmony rule this symbol — and those born under it. Wearers should never hesitate to look and love inward, as often as they do for others.

3 - The Creator Necklace

Always inspired, infinitely prolific. A flow of inspiration (and maybe a little moodiness, too) are among 3’s destined markers.

4 - The Fortifier Necklace

Earth-centered, yet rooted enough to foster epic greatness. Leaning into the flow — and self-liberating in the process —  is always wise for those born under its symbol.

5 - The Igniter Necklace

Engaged and spontaneous, 5’s horizon gaze is never-ending, with a depth and range of senses to match.

6 - The Nurturer Necklace

Clarity of purpose and spirit are gifts, and this numeral’s divine signatures — among friends, family, and lovers alike.

7 - The Emboldened Necklace

“Lucky” number seven is so much more than that. Overlain with astrological teachings, it’s the divining number, meeting life with an open mind and inventive spirit to match.

8 - The Manifester Necklace

Invoking what it seeks, and only tempered by it’s wearers physical limits, 8 has a way of falling into abundance and serendipitous situations. Never hesitate to give back — there’s always more where it came from.

9 - The Discerner Necklace

Synthesis amid chaos and as home in the physical world as the symbolic or fantastic, 9 heaven’s answer to transcendence in the here and now.

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