Gradually wrapping your ear in rich tones and delicate stones, the Lotus Petal Ear Climbers are just the right amount of sparkle. 

Beautifully blooming from murky waters, the lotus is symbolic of prosperity and spiritual enlightenment. Inspired by our love for the lotus flower, this subtly striking collection combines colorful gemstones intertwined with their powerful intention as we put the the petal to the metal.

White topaz gems aid in spiritual development and is perfect for magnifying energy. This beautiful crystal aids in manifestation and achieving goals. It allows for substitution of negative energy with love, joy and peace. 

Lapis lazuli quickly releases stress, bringing deep peace and serenity. It encourages taking charge of life and allows self-expression without holding back.

Labradorite provides clarity, intuition and inner strength. It is, in every sense, a stone of magic, a crystal of shamans, diviners, healers, and all who travel and embrace the universe seeking knowledge and guidance.

Moonstone is known as the lovers stone and also provides hope and balance. The powers are deeply linked to the moon itself, focusing on love, fertility, good fortune and protection during dark times. It was the stone of the goddess Diana.

Green onyx is known for it's ability to soothe fears and worries and controls overwhelming emotions. It provides a positive outlook in times of stress and enhances self control and stimulates the power of wise decision making. Onyx is grounding & can be used to deflect or absorb the negativity of others.

Rose quartz is known for it’s ability to open the heart, enhance creativity and heal emotional wounds. It is considered to be a lovers stone and believed to be beneficial to the circulatory system and aids in relieving anxiety.

Amethyst is a gemstone used for sleep; it's meditative properties include patience, peace and calmness which are beneficial for insomnia. These crystals work to purify any space of negative vibrations, providing an energy ideal for you to thrive in. They help to clear the mind of unnecessary thoughts and clutter.

SPECIFICS: Vermeil gemstone ear climber measures 20mm in length. Sold as a pair. 

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