Greater Love Necklace


The Greater Love Necklace

20% of proceeds from online sales of this piece will be donated to a charity of your choice.

The Greater Love Necklace_ Give back with your purchase. This keytag serves as a reminder to love oneself and others. 20% of proceeds support your chosen charity. Featuring a 15mm x 30mm rose quartz gem on a 20" gold-plated chain.

Why Greater Love?

It all began when I was twelve years old. On a quest to provide an opportunity for their children, armed with a strong work philosophy and the bonds of love that tethered them together, my courageous Indian parents decided to shift our family and move from London to America.

They purchased a modest twelve-room motel in rural Alabama, with an accompanying small unit attached, which we called home. That home opened me to a world where laughter and love were constant companions, and it was in this quaint environment I learned the values of a strong work ethic and perseverance.

“The inspiration for this beloved keytag originates in the memory of my childhood where a key held particular prominence as a symbol of inspiration, love and belonging.”
— Asha Patel
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Rose quartz gem 15 mm x 30 mm. Gold plated chain 20” in length.

The Greater Love Design

For me, this diamond shape represented protection and feeling at home in the world. It’s no surprise these key tags have become a shared symbol of unbreakable family bonds, the determination to dream big, the knowingness that we are better together. I continue to find inspiration — and solace — in the twists and turns of my history, across continents, and from moment to moment. This special piece is more than practical. It’s a nod to my past, and a call for your presence.

The rose quartz gemstone is a gentle reminder to love oneself as well as to be kind and love one another. After all, going in is the only way out, up, and through to our highest self. Go ahead, open the door.


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