Focused energy stirs up something powerful inside, waiting for its release into the world. It begins a feeling. It awakens something deep and moving. Whatever the sentiment in wearing a particular piece, make it both thoughtful and your own. Go with intent.




Some put their faith in lucky numbers or being spiritually aligned with one, while others may believe in numerology, a relationship between numbers and life.

To find your numerology number, simply take your birthday and keep adding until you arrive at a single-digit summation. For example, a birthday of 7/8/1987 would be calculated as 7+8+1+9+8+7 = 40 = 4+0 = 4
Here’s what your number says about you.

1 – focused, originality, courage, ambition
2 – charming, warm, kind, cooperative
3 – confident, optimistic, expressive, cheerful
4 – loyal, hard-working, steadfast
5 – freedom, adventure, curious, traveler
6 – nurturing, understanding, empathetic, artistic
7 – spiritual, perfectionist, intuitive, contemplative
8 – endurance, self-disciplined, determination, intensity
9 – humanitarian, compassionate, warm, ecologically