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Asha Patel Designs has committed to giving back to a cause that Asha’s personally supported since its start.

That cause is Every Mother Counts.

Every Mother Counts is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother, everywhere — educating the public about maternal health, engaging individuals to advocate for the well-being of mothers, and investing in community-led programs to improve access to essential maternity care.

Every Mother Counts currently supports programs that improve access to maternity care in Bangladesh, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Tanzania, Uganda, and the United States. 

Now, through December 31, 2019 20% of proceeds from online sales of the Moonstone Mighty Mini will be donated to Every Mother Counts. 

Support Every Mother Counts

Asha Patel x Every Mother Counts | Moonstone Mighty Mini

Support Every Mother Counts (EMC) with your purchase of our Mighty Mini in Moonstone.

Through December 31, 2019, 20% of proceeds from online sales with be donated to EMC. 

Every Mother Counts is a non-profit organization dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother, everywhere.

Moonstones carry White color energy, the embodiment of cleanliness, purity, unity, and innocence. The timeless, natural powers of its white rays are those of the moon, the color we see when the moon reflects the sun's light on us. It is the color of natural cycles, birth, and regeneration - the feminine gender, and manifested as the Goddess in many cultures.

Shopping this stunner means more than you know, and who you know today.

Support Every Mother Counts

Approximately 303,000 women die each year due to complications in pregnancy and childbirth. That’s one woman more than every 2 minutes. Up to 98% of them are preventable. 

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The Impact

Every Mother Counts’ portfolio of programs link women to critical health services and ensures providers are trained and equipped to provide them with quality care.  

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BANGLADESH | HOPE Foundation for Women & Children of Bangladesh

Providing supplies, medicines, staff support, patient education, and community outreach via trained village health promoters in rural communities

GUATEMALA | Asociación Corazón del Agua

In partnership with University of Galileo, running the first university-affiliated and accredited school of professional midwifery to train professional indigenous midwives from the highest mortality districts with a culturally appropriate curriculum and to intern with community-based practitioners

ACAM (Asociación de las Comadronas del Area Mam)

Providing comprehensive health care through their birth center and mobile clinics, as well as training to improve their clinical skills and administrative capacity

HAITI |Midwives for Haiti

Training skilled birth attendants to fill a critical gap in the healthcare workforce, supporting construction and equipping operation of a birth center, and emergency transport in rural Haiti


INDIA | Nazdeek

Supporting the training of activists and lawyers, community advocates and tea garden workers in to document maternal health rights violations and develop subsequent lawsuits demanding increased access to quality healthcare

TANZANIA | Ujenzi Charitable Trust

Manufacturing, training and distribution of the Every Second Matters-Uterine Balloon TamponadeTM (ESM-UBT) to treat post-partum hemorrhage at hospitals in Dar es Salaam

FAME (Foundation for African Medicine)

Providing comprehensive pre-natal, pregnancy, delivery, post-natal, and emergency care, including community education and training of health workers, as well as incentivizing women in the surrounding Iraq and Maasai communities to delivery in their facility

We Care Solar

Providing solar power for medical lights, fetal monitors, headlamps, and cell phone charging stations to health facilities in northern Tanzania

MWEDO (Maasai Women Education and Development Organization; new as of 2017)


Aims to reduce maternal and neonatal deaths caused by postpartum hemorrhage among vulnerable and hard to reach Maasai communities in Kiteto district

UGANDA | Baylor Uganda

Transport vouchers to healthcare facilities for pregnant and postpartum women

USA | Commonsense Childbirth

Providing culturally-appropriate care to marginalized and low-income women in central Florida


USA | Circle of Health International

Emergency housing, transportation, medical supplies, medical care, and counseling for vulnerable women, children, refugee, and migrant communities

BANGLADESH | HOPE Foundation for Women & Children of Bangladesh

Providing transportation for volunteer midwives, expenses for mobile health clinics and a field hospital in a refugee settlement area, staff and emergency transportation, increased capacity for HOPE’s main hospital

For more information on how you can get involved, visit Every Mother Counts

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